Update: 9.9.2012

So, instead of going to Serbia on the World Championship in ARDF , I'm programming OPORCON :D (just kidding, other reasons for not going). 

Some people (one person, tnx Kimmo) tested the previous version and found it buggy. I presume the problem was with receiving packets, I mistakenly left serial receiver on, so it (probably) gets stuck in interrupt. It's fixed now (I hope). 

Also Kimmo had a wish of getting data out of RS232 in human readable format. My new idea is using an LCD to display control ID and time. To get readable time, I needed to somehow convert timestamp. A few algorithms after, Kimmo got his wish. 

This version outputs data in format "CONTROL,TIMESTAMP,READABLE_TIME,CHIP_ID". Example: "05,504D18CB,22:31:39,5C00000132D76708" - control number 5, timestamp, it was 22:31:39 UTC, and chip ID was 5C00000132D76708. If you wish to use your own timezone, you can set a constant TIMEZONE, which will automatically correct UTC time. Only problem is summer/winter time :( 

Download the latest source code of new OPORCON2. Again, the whole MikroeBasic project.

NOTICE: this is highly experimental build, only tested on development board. It should work, but as always, no promises.

Update: 28.8.2012

Download source code of new OPORCON2. This time, the whole MikroeBasic project.

Warning: still in alpha.

Serial communication works as standard on 16f628, because built-in UART was used. You'll need a MAX232 (or any other TTL to RS232 driver). 

Update: 27.8.2012
Initial version of software for OPORCON2  is developed and alpha tested on my experimental board (Mikroelektronika EasyPIC4). Every consideration is taken into point, still thinking on ideas. 
Initial code will be published after I put some comments in.


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