Another dead bug picture

Electrical boxes are used for controls. They are cheap, waterproof, big, and they have nice loops so it's easy to fasten them to trees. 9V battery provides energy.

Original iButton connector 

And my connector

My connector is made out of 1" brass garden hose connector, 1 rubber washer which fits in this hose, and a screw. To make a connector: push screw through rubber washer, and connect wire to it (you don't need to solder wire to screw, twisting wire around was good enough). Then push the wire (this one will go to the PIC) through garden hose connector, following with washer and screw. Connect another wire to brass garden hose connector (this one goes to GROUND). Use hot glue to immobilize everything. It works great.

This is home made adaptor connected to USB-RS232 converter. You can buy original Dallas adapter. In the lower left corner you can see an idea for alternate version of connector. It doesn't work :(

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